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January 29, 2015

1/30 "Friday"

Be more human!!!Strength:Fitness and Performance:BtN Snatch Grip PP + OH SquatFront Squats (32x1 tempo)WOD:Fitness and Performance:DB Renegade Rows (50/25# per hand), Calorie row, Walking Lunges, Double-Unders (x2 singles)Member News: (SO MANY EXCITING THINGS HAPPENING!!) +++Don't forget that this Saturday, January 31s is your last day for T-shirt specific registration for "Love Gone Bad"> Planner Registration closes on Feb 12th!+++Our Olympic lifting classes started on Monday! You can still get in on the action! $35.00/month(auto-renewal) for regular members, $115.00/month(auto-renewal) for non-members or a punch card for $100.00! Sign up here> OPENS ARE JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!Read more about the fun here!!> Sign up as a participant or sign up as a judge!!+++We're excited to be a CSA drop-off location for Reimer's Family Farm. Now you KNOW YOUR FARMER! The bigger plus to this is consistent meat delivery for a one-time price. Some of you still order from Steve (VDL Grassfed) which is fine, but it's not consistent delivery (he is coming this Saturday FYI). Transparency is a good thing when it comes to your food.'ve received some questions about some of their animal feeding practices and here's what we know!The cows are purely grass-fed for 6 months out of the year but they are grain finished the last 6 months(though, during this time they also have access to hay)...they're grain feed is as GMO free as possible, meaning they try to make sure that monsanto seeds don't find their way into the crop...though this is a hard task...They also receive a mix of minerals and vitamins. They always have plenty of space and full access to the outdoors and indoor barn space. None of the animals ever have antibiotics, hormones, animal by-products or steroids. Please also know that a lot of the time, the "grassfed" labeled meat that you get from the store is most of the time grain-finished. Our chickens and turkeys are pastured from the time they are moved out of the brooder (indoor coop with heat lamps when they are very small). They are rotated through several grass pastures and given grains from our farm and chicken mix minerals and vitamins. Poultry can not get all of their nutrition from grass.Any other questions can be directed at the Riemer's and they're great at getting back to you!!+++RETAIL UPDATEStarting February 7th, we'll be "opening the store" on Saturday's during all class times, meaning you can purchase your protein, fish oil, or apparel items from a real person instead of a computer system :). The "open store" setup will be similar to our open Christmas in-store sale this last year! We can use the card you have saved in zen planner or you can bring cash! You'll still be welcome to order products from the online store in zen planner during the week and be able to pick up your items in the Member retail cabinet.On this note...-We just received a fresh batch of Badger T-shirts, which you can order online or purchase in-house on the 7th!-We've received a lot of questions about whether or not we'll be getting another batch of hoodies in! For now, we will not be ordering another batch. If this changes before the winter season, we'll be sure to let you know!-As always, thanks for buying! We're so happy that you're excited to rep the "Badger Brand" and that you want to take care of yourselves by purchasing high quality protein and fish oil supplements!(If you're interested in learning more about SFH products, our rep will be stopping in on Feb. 10th, during the evening classes to be available to answer questions, pass out samples, etc.)

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