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September 11, 2014

9/12 "Friday"

Strength:Fitness:Good MorningsHandstand Holds/FreestandingHollow RocksPerformance:Back SquatWOD:Fitness:Ground to Overhead )Burpees over the barRunPerformance:Double-UndersMuscle-UpsPower CleansPush PressSome things to keep in mind for the Paleo Challenge.Feel free to read the below article and the follow up commentary from Coach Adam.Article:"A statement like "sugar is as addictive as cocaine." is not only illogical but also founded in fear-based marketing. As the author says, a claim such as this "sells like paleo pancakes."People are not selling their bodies on the streets to get sugar. People are not in prison cells going through terrible sugar withdrawals. YES, when we constantly eat foods outside of their natural state, drink beverages other than water, herbal teas, black coffee, etc., we are likely to consume too much sugar and this can be detrimental to our health. Sugar is a problem. But fear-based marketing, while it may be effective to shake people out of apathy, is still based on a partial-lie and is likely motivated by greed.There is a TON of money to be made on food marketed at "healthy" i.e gluten-free, sugar-free, paleo-pancakes, etc." Foods marketed as such might not be a healthy option for you! This is important to keep in mind as you wade through grocery products!The best part of this article, and something we all should consider in our personal lives, is to approach eating with skill-power and NOT just willpower. Willpower suggests we need to muster up our own determination. Often times, our "trivial" actions are the manifestation of deep-seeded beliefs. If you have an issue with eating, it's okay to ask people in your life for help. Dealing with the root cause or the emotions that motivate you to eat poorly or too much will always be the most effective in the long run.In the short-run, practically speaking, we can all implement skill-power in our lives. Skills like: planning out our meals and snacks and knowing when we are most tempted and avoiding those situations can help in preventing failure and can be practiced.Some of you may find this personal or hard, but hopefully helpful. Relying solely on our willpower will likely lead to failure because we all have areas where we struggle. It's okay to ask for help and partner up with someone during the challenge if food is a struggle for you. If this not an issue for you, then just enjoy the ride to eating better the next month."

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