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February 1, 2015

2/2 "Monday"

Great morning workout with everyone. Honored Chris Kyle with a doozy #workout. #CrossFit #badgercrossfit #herowod

A photo posted by Badger CrossFit (@badgercrossfit) on Jan 31, 2015 at 10:14am PST

Strength:Fitness: Muscle snatch or Wide-grip RDL, CG Bench PressPerformance: Snatch Pull + SnatchWOD:Fitness: Double-unders, Slam BallPerformance: Double-unders, T2BMember News: +++“Love Gone Bad”> Planner Registration closes on Feb 12th!+++Our Olympic lifting classes started! You can still get in on the action! $35.00/month(auto-renewal) for regular members, $115.00/month(auto-renewal) for non-members or a punch card for $100.00! Sign up here> OPENS ARE JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!Read more about the fun here!!> Sign up as a participant or sign up as a judge!!+++We’re excited to be a CSA drop-off location for Reimer’s Family Farm. Now you KNOW YOUR FARMER! The bigger plus to this is consistent meat delivery for a one-time price. Transparency is a good thing when it comes to your food.

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