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November 26, 2014

11/27 "Thursday"

Happy Thanksgiving Badger CrossFitters to you and your lovely families!We are so thankful for you as members!____________________________________________________________________________________As a reminder, there are no regular group classes tomorrow but Coach Troy will be holding an open gym/ a time for members to do Clovis! Here are some guidelines on how tomorrow will work from Coach Troy.1. The gym will be open by 7:40AM to allow for warmup.2. If you're planning on doing the full version of Clovis, it will take a long time. While the gym won't be locked up at 10:01AM we don't want someone going out for their 2nd 5 mile run at 9:50AM. If you run 8 minute miles for the whole 10 miles that's 1 hr 20 minutes, plus whatever time it takes to do 150 burpee pullups.3. We'll keep a running clock that I will re-set to 0:00 at 90 minutes (scary, I know). Those clocks only goto max of 99 minutes.4. Running clock will be started shortly after 8:00 (10 after at the latest). Anyone else not doing Clovis can just jump in and use the running clock if they need a timer.5. Please bring a towel for your feet - with the chance of more flurries plus current snow out there, be sure to wipe off your feet well after each run before walking to the pullup bars.Team photo of all doing this will be taken - can maybe do a before & after if there's time.P.S I know today is Whiskey Wednesday but maybe tonight you can turn the W into Water Wednesday for a more enjoyable open gym experience.________________________________________________________________________________________Open Gym 8-10am”Clovis”10 mile run150 Burpee Pullups

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