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November 19, 2014

11/20 "Thursday"

Strength:Fitness and Performance:Nose and toes handstand hold, Hollow rocks, Arch rocks, Plank hold, Shoulder bridge holdWOD:Fitness and Performance:KB swings, 1 arm Russian KB swings, KB Reverse Lunges_____________________Member News: Please note that we will be taking all items in the Lost and Found basket to Goodwill this Friday!Don't forget about our Badger Christmas party, Friday, Dec. 12th, at Burke's Irish Castle_______________________Appreciating the small PRs"We don’t always PR. We can’t. Sometimes we don’t sleep well. Other times our hydration isn’t spot on. Life happens. That doesn’t mean we can’t still take small victories from each and every workout session. It often pains me to see the disappointed looks on members’ faces when they realize they didn’t best their previous score. Little do they know that PRs are everywhere and should be celebrated accordingly. They just have to know where to look for them.We’re all familiar with the classic “overall score” personal record. For timed workouts it’s the total time when all is said and done. For AMRAPs it’s the final round count, partial rounds and all, and so on and so forth. If you’re only looking at these surface numbers, however, you’re only seeing half the story.A small PR is not a baby PR (for example, going 5 secs faster than last time). Instead, I’m referring to a personal record set WITHIN a workout. No, the entire workout can’t be considered a personal record because the overall score isn’t better than last times, but improving upon the individual components of the workout, even though they aren’t officially scored, still represents progress that should never be ignored. Let’s use Helen as an example. If 4 months ago you scored a 12 minute Helen, and recently you posted a 12:30 Helen, you obviously did not set a PR. But wait! What if this time around you managed to go unbroken on your kettlebell swings? Never before in your CrossFitting career have you ever managed to string 21 kettlebell swings together in 3 separate rounds of the same workout. That’s a huge accomplishment! Or, what if instead of going unbroken on the kettlebell swings, you dropped to a more difficult band for pull-ups? Let’s say, from a green band to a blue band. That’s another huge accomplishment. Both represent incredible strides and progress in your fitness, AND it only took you 30 seconds longer than last time. Small PRs are everywhere once you open your eyes to them.Small PRs vs Overall PRsObviously, if we had our choice between the two, each of us would rather basque in the glory of an overall PR. They are sexy. They are glamorous. They are what everybody looks at when comparing themselves to anyone else. Tread lightly, though, with that sort of thinking. Focusing solely on overall PRs may suck all of the fun and enjoyment out of the entire CrossFit experience. As many of us have already experienced, PRs don’t happen every time there’s an opportunity for one. On the other hand, small PRs will happen way more frequently because of their appearances in both PR and non-PR results. Learn to enjoy them accordingly. They will help keep you motivated and excited about the future."**With this in mind, we should always be looking for areas to make improvements. All PRs(both big and "small") are meaningful, but they also take work, and an awareness of the little things that build us as overall athletes.**Jake Mannion and Crossfit Kinnick

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