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September 2, 2014

9/3 "Tuesday"

This post is directed toward our up-and-coming group of competitive athletes, anyone interested in the sport of CrossFit, and all other members who pay attention to our ever evolving programming. For most of you, this post is not of concern because you show up, work hard no matter what, and give it your all. Which all of you do!

A bit of backlog... Outlaw methodologies had been our a big part of our programming method up until June or so for the majority of our athletes. It has worked well for many of us and as a gym we are very strong and proficient with a barbell. It placed a heavy emphasis on the barbell and weightlifting. All good things! If we are limited in our gymnastic abilities, it is our own fault for not tackling these sooner; however, Outlaw places less emphasis on gymnastic ability and it was a gym decision to switch off of it and add in a base level of skills to our programming. Outlaw was also tough to follow when you don't have a high capacity, high skill, and high output skillsets.

The past months have been a test, so-to-speak, from our end. We wanted to see how we as coaches could handle different goal-based programs, how you athletes responded to it, and of course, what results came of it. It has been a work-in-progress. And the great thing about it has been that us coaches can reach all levels and needs of our athletes while still offering superior coaching, programming and education to you.

We are seeking to do two things at this point – unify the gym under one multi-level methodology in order to facilitate every level of athlete AND to create more structure and a clear path for our competitive team/athletes. You may have been hearing the rumblings, and yes, we are moving to Invictus methodologies. Invictus, like Outlaw, is a highly proven training methodology, but it uniquely offers multiple skill levels that will fall in line with our programming as a gym, seeking to provide an appropriate outlet for every one of you. We have posted and emailed you about these two options for a while now.The Advanced group will follow the competitive programming we lay out separately. The Performance group will be a development path for our competitive athletes at BCF!Generally, the programming overall here is more varied, a bit more “basic” from an Olympic weightlifting standpoint, and much more well rounded. I believe it will make us better at life, and of course, CrossFit. We need to be more well rounded and Invictus is probably the most proven programming method to accomplish this.And we are excited to announce that we are starting both a gymnastics class and barbell club... which will help develop those abilities, just by showing up to them! Stay tuned for details on this.We are constantly trying to better ourselves and improve every aspect of the gym and this is just one thing we expect to help. The month's ahead should be an exciting time for every athlete and member who is a part of Badger CrossFit!StrengthFitness: Rope climbs, planks, double-undersPerformance: OHS, rope climbs.WODFitness and Performance: Row, burpees, push press 

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