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January 30, 2023

<strong>THE 2023 CROSSFIT OPEN!</strong>



If you’re unfamiliar with the CrossFit Open, it’s CrossFit’s largest annual online competition with over 275,000 people registered from around the world in 2015 and the 1st stepping stone to The CrossFit Games, the ultimate test of fitness. Workouts are released each Thursday afternoon for 3 weeks. Read more about The Open here. For most of us, the Open is a time to see how we’ve improved our fitness in the past year, push outside our comfort zones, and cheer on those in our community doing the same. For three consecutive weeks on SATURDAY MORNINGS, we host The Open at BCF in heat format. The event kicks off at 8AM and athletes will be able to sign up for a heat time to compete. This will replace Saturday morning classes during these 3 weeks.


ANYONE with ANY experience level (1 week to 10+ years) who wishes to have fun with this event. There are options to use DB’s and scale as needed just like we do in class. A link to register is below. 


Click here to order your Open Shirts! Shirts are $25. 


In order to show some spirit we have themes for each week:

WEEK 1: 80’S THEME - think neon, glow sticks, big hair 

WEEK 2: COUNTRY HIPSTER THEME - think buffalo plaid, stretchy jorts, cowboy hats, or beanies and converse 

WEEK 3: WACKY SOCKS + AM (5/6/7/11A) RED WAVE vs PM (12/4:30/5:30/6:30P) BLACK WAVE - If you primarily come to the AM classes, wear Red + wacky socks! If you primarily come to the PM classes, wear BLACK + wacky socks! 


Workouts at BCF are on the following dates:

22.1 – February 18th

22.2 –  February 25th

22.3 –  March 4th + Open Potluck Celebration! Jimmy John’s subs will be provided by BCF - please RSVP + sign up for a dish to pass here

Registration for The Open began already! Sign up here: When you sign up be sure you enter Badger CrossFit as your Affiliate. 


*”Do I have to sign up for the Open and pay the $20 to partake?” No. If you do not care about how you stack up to those in your age group then don’t register, but it is super cool to see where you stack up compared to those in your age group. You can still do the workouts on Saturday for fun/log your scores in SugarWOD only.

*”If I sign up and pay the $20, what do I need to do?” Each week you will need a judge to verify your reps, standards, etc. You will need to record your score both in SugarWOD and on the Open website. RX and Scaled are programmed through CrossFit. We will have MORE modifications for our members (Comp/Perf/Fitness/Health), but if you signed up for scaled for example, you need to perform as stated via CrossFit’s standards, not BCF’s levels. 

*”I have prior commitments one of the weekends and cannot attend, should I still sign up?” Yes! You can make it up whenever you are able, but we of course prefer you do as many as you can with us on Saturday’s! Workouts are released Thursday midday and you have until Monday @5pm to get your score in. 

“Do I get to pick my heat time? I have conflicts and need the very first heat because of work, or I need the latest heat because of overnight work?” Yes, you can let us know your needs on Thursday evening before we release the heat signup via SugarWOD and the BCF Facebook Group page and we will make sure you get what you need that Saturday!

“I am new and participate in function classes, not CrossFit, or am nervous to partake.” Just like class workouts, all workouts are scalable and we will meet you where you are at. You can do this!

“Who validates my scores?” Tyler will validate your score prior to the Monday 5pm deadline each week so please ensure you submit your score WAY before this.

“I don’t plan to participate in the Open this year. Can I help at all and come watch/cheer people on though?” Of course! We need volunteers to judge and count scores and reps for each participant, get the equipment out and put away, etc, and cheering your classmates on/meeting people from other class times would be awesome! All would be helpful, just reach out to if you are able to help for any or all weekends. 


Every year, athletes get nervous or are uncertain about participating in The Open. Don’t be. The Open is an amazing experience and we have been preparing for this for the entire year, but definitely focusing on it the last few months (if you haven’t noticed).  If you end up not being able to do a movement, there is a scaled division that you can participate in each week at your choosing. 

If you are unable to make the Saturday workout and still want to participate in that week's event, you’ll need to make it up. We will NOT be doing the Open WODs for the class workout on Fridays. Friday’s will be more of an active recovery/get a good sweat on without major fatigue so we are fresh for Saturday. You can do the workout off to the side or in the small gym, but we will not be providing a judge for you - you will need to get your own if you are officially registered with The CrossFit Games. If you are not registered you do not need a judge, but make sure you are keeping integrity and doing all reps! 


Our community features some amazing athletes and we have local businesses who we want to help connect with them. If you’re interested in partnering with us during the Open, please take a look at our sponsorship packet by emailing

We are excited to have Valentine Coffee during each weekend for another year!

We will also have Dr. Mike Giammarco from Prime Time Performance and Rehab again this year! Sign up for 10 minute slots each week via the spreadsheet that will be listed each Thursday in SugarWod. 


We look forward to another great year, and appreciate you all considering this. If you want to step outside your comfort zone, have fun, get fit, and meet awesome people, you’re in the right place.Reach out to if you have any further questions or concerns, otherwise we look forward to February 18th!

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