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January 24, 2015

1/25 "Sunday"

[caption id="attachment_8944" align="aligncenter" width="601"] Congrats to Colin and Carly for winning the 2nd annual Battle of the Ball and Chain competition down in Kenosha! So proud of you guys![/caption]Badger CrossFit represented well at the Battle of the Ball and Chain in Kenosha!In the Rx division, Colin and Carly were the overall champs, taking 1st place in 4 of the 5 events!!! That is domination on their part. Chris and Coach Emma (who did sub in for a sick Meghan) took 5th! John and Pam took 12th! There were a total of 21 teams in the Rx division.In the scaled division, Ross and Amy took 3rd place!!! Kris and Andrea took 13th. Guierllmo and Brooke took 21st. Father/daughter duo took 24th. There were a total of 41 teams in the scaled division.To see the scores, please click here: BCF community is super proud of you all! If you have pictures or videos, please send to #BCFcommunity #BCFdominate #CrossFitSKILL:Agility ladderWOD:Bear crawl, hang squat clean thruster, Knees-to-elbow, walking lunge, abmat sitiup, double-under, row or run.Member News:Congrats to all those competed in the Ball and Chain this weekend!+++Badger CrossFit Weight Lifting Club: can now sign up!! Classes begin on Monday, January 26th!+++Badger CrossFit has an event coming up!!What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by sweating with your sweetie and raising money for a great cause! Join us at Badger CrossFit on February 14, at 8:30am for LOVE GONE BAD! LOVE GONE BAD will replace all regular classes scheduled for this day!The Cause:All money raised prior, during, or after this event will go directly to CrossFit MPS!Why CrossFit MPS: CrossFit MPS is a non-profit cost-free CrossFit Affiliate and CrossFit Kids Program dedicated solely to the students and staff of Milwaukee Public Schools.Want to know more about CF MPS? Check out their website>www.crossfitmps.orgTO REGISTER:1.(T-SHIRT REGISTRATION CLOSES ON JANUARY 30TH!!!) If you’d like a t-shirt for this event, please register on the link below!(please also register in the Badger Crossfit calendar in Zen Planner!) It’s $30.00 to register, which includes 2 t-shirts for each team. After shirts are paid for, the remaining amount will go directly to CrossFit MPS.2. If you wouldn’t like a t-shirt, but would still like to participate, you can also register in your Badger CrossFit member profile in Zen Planner, show up, and put any donation you’d like in a donation box that we’ll have available.3.You can also raise money while you WOD by taking pledges from family, friends, local businesses, etc. Registered teams are encouraged to do so. (pledges can be as little as $.01, no pledge is too small!) The pledges will be in the form of a “per rep” amount of money. The team with most pledges will receive a prize!More information on pledges and to download a pledge sheet can be found on the “t-shirt registration” link, above!More info:-Got kids in CF Kids? Feel free to have them on your team! These movements are doable for kiddos too!-Guests welcome! But they must contact us at, so that we have an accurate number on who is coming!-Heat times will be released the evening of Feb 13th!!-If you are unable to WOD with us on Feb. 14th, but would still like to donate, please make all checks out to “MacDowell Montessori School”, with a note specifying it’s for CrossFit MPS!-This WOD is in partnership with Community For a Cause and CrossFit Groundworks, who is also raising money with us for CrossFit MPS!

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