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December 29, 2022

Stop waiting to "get motivated."

"I want to exercise and eat better, but I'm just not motivated...what should I do?"

Let's start by addressing the biggest issue and most common misconception: YOU WILL NEVER JUST RANDOMLY "GET MOTIVATED."

So, if you're waiting to take action on something until you're motivated to do'll be waiting forever.

Most people think motivation works like this: Motivation > Action > Results > Motivation.

It actually works like this: Action > Results > Motivation > Action.

In other words, motivation is not he beginning o fthe cycle. First, you MUST take action. Even (and especially) when you're not motivated to do it.

From that action you get results.  From those results you get motivated. And with that motivation you take more action.

The cool part about this is your action step doesn't need to be big.

It could be walking for 5 minutes.
It could be drinking a glass of water.
It could be eating a piece of fruit.

Whatever it is...that small action step will make you feel better (a result.)

And from that result you will et more motivated to take action. Like taking another 5 min walk or extending it to 10 min.

Or maybe it's drinking more water or eating more fruit.

Whatever it is, that small action led to more small actions.

And each small action leads to more small results.

Which leads to more spikes in motivation.

Which leads to more actions.

Which leads to more results.

And the cycle continues.

So the long roundabout answer to your question is...

Stop F&^@ing waiting to "get motivated."

First you need to action. You need to do something even when you aren't motivated to do it.

And once you master the habit of taking action even when you're not motivated to do it...everything in life becomes infinitely easier.

And the possibilities of what you can achieve become endless.

--This post was written by Syatt Fitness, Instagram

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