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January 18, 2013

1/17 WOD: Step up...

FORM, CONSISTENCY INTENSITY. In that order...ALWAYS!!!You cannot move forward with intensity if you don't have the form. Not only that, but if rep #1 looks good, and rep #10 looks crappy, you cannot move forward with intensity. There are going to be times where you will NOT being doing things for time because your movement is not proper. Either this or we substitute the movement with something else until you develop as an athlete. This is priority #1 for me and the coaches here at BCF. Again, if the form is not there to our standard, you won't be doing it with weight or intensity. Listen to the coaches. If they tell you to drop weight or stop, then listen and be open minded about it. Be smart and you'll have a long, plentiful, fruitful journey in fitness with little to no injury.Strength: Every 30 seconds for 5:00 minutes (20 total reps):2 DE Banded Deadlifts @ 60% + Band (See how to use band here: VIDEO)**Purple Band for DL up to 200#, Red Band for DL up to 300#, Blue Band for DL above 300#.WOD: 100 Double-Unders-then-15-12-9 Barbell Step-ups and Push Press 155/105#-then-100 Double-Unders[learn_more caption="NEWS"]**RSVP to classes starting February 1st! Directions and instructions on this coming soon…**Please be sure you’ve completed the EFT draft form for 2013. If you need one, please look in the office or let a coach know.**You must sign up for the bootcamp/TRX class on Saturday at 7am! Sign up here!**Want to stay updated with BCF? Join the BCF Text Message System to be alerted to last minute updates, changes, news, etc. via text message. It’s free for you (unless you pay per text?…). Just text 414-751-8966 the word bcf2 and you’re in. Follow the directions.**Please take a moment to fill out your BCF Athlete Profile. Here’s the form[/learn_more]

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