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January 22, 2012

1/21 WOD: lululemon athletica CrossFit Challenge - "Fight Gone Bad"

What a great day! On Saturday, lululemon athletica in Milwaukee and their large group of people invited 3 of the CrossFit gyms in the area to a friendly little competition to host a CrossFit tryout. Lots of athletes who experienced a famous CrossFit workout called "Fight Gone Bad." It was a fun-filled, packed day, with over 45 athletes competing and more than 60 visitors total, watching and trying out CrossFit. We're off to a great start Milwaukee/Tosa! Let's keep this fitness revolution rolling, being the most fit possible!I also got to see personal records (PRs) from all my members/athletes. Everyone who did it improved HUGE! This is awesome guys, and I'm so proud to see how well you all are doing. Keep on rocking it, and most importantly, stay healthy so you can keep coming back for more!Remember, DO NOT FEAR YOUR WORKOUT! Fear quitting, fear not starting, fear not finishing. Push on and forge your elite fitness!If anyone who participated from lululemon athletica that has any more questions or concerns about our program, please contact me anytime to discuss what we can do for your fitness. I'm starting Elements again Feb. 6th!WOD: "Fight Gone Bad"3 Rounds of:Wall Balls (20/14#)Sumo-Deadlift High Pulls (75/55#)Box Jumps (20")Push Press (75/55#)Row (calories)Rest 1 Minute[fbphotos id=256639521075383 limit=10 rand=1]

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