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January 5, 2013

1/5 WOD: Partner AMRAP

[caption id="attachment_4927" align="alignnone" width="533"] First Partner WOD of the year and it was BIG! Killed it guys![/caption]"With CrossFit there is a ton of learning that happens in the beginning: the lingo, the clothes, the movements, the lifts, etc. But then once you finally get that stuff and you start seeing your lifts go up fast, you get this feeling of "I got it!!!". You know that trainers are going to say to keep the weight on your heels, and you know the flow of each trainer. Its at this point that there needs to be special attention. We love the fact that you are finally into it and your PRs are going up like crazy. But there is SO MUCH MORE. Our trainers are all extremely good at looking at anyone, from a new member to our best competitors, and help them to become better. But it takes YOU to hear the information. You need to be open to the coaching, open to the direction and to stay on track with the class. If the coach is giving general information, pay attention because we all can use review on the basics. If they are telling you something during the review or skill/strength portion, listen to it and try to make the changes they are saying. They aren't hammering you to be cool. They are hammering you so that you get the weight and then you are cool! Let yourself be coached! This is where you will really grow and get better. And stay focused while you are in class. Yes, we have some cool, fun people but do your talking after the workout, not during. NOW LETS GET CRAZY!!!!" -Post written by Bill Grundler.WOD:In teams of 3 for total reps:AMRAP 55 power cleans (135/95), 7 pushups, 9 air squats-Partner does max burpees while other works. Switch after. Score is total burpees.Rest 1 minute.AMRAP 510 2-for-1 mountain climbers, 4 front squats (135/95).-Partner does max power jacks while other works. Switch after. Score is total power jacks.Rest 1 minute.AMRAP 55 deadlifts (135/95), 15 lateral bar jumps.-Partner does max situps while other works. Switch after. Score is total situps.Competitor WOD:1) a)Goodmorning - 3 sec down, 1 sec up. 8x5; rest 30 sec. Work up to heaviestb) Weighted dips 8x5; rest 30 sec. Work up to heaviest.2a) 15 CTB chin ups unbroken x4; rest 75 secb) HSPU negatives; 8 reps @4 sec eccentric tempo. From elevation.For time:30 power snatch 135#30 burpee box jumps 30"20 power snatch 155#20 bar facing burpees10 power snatch 175#10 burpee pull ups

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