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January 8, 2012

1/8 WOD: Rest

Back when I used to workout in a "globo gym", I would be doing Cindy or any other of the named workouts and of course making crazy sounds, sweating and gasping all over the place. People would come up to me, looking worried, and would tell me I was working out too hard. These people, who would meander for 30 minutes on the treadmill, or do a set of bench every 30 minutes would tell me that what I was doing was actually hurting my body rather than helping and that rest is important. Of course I knew they were the ones that were nuts but it was at this point that I really saw the difference between "exercising" and "working out". When most people go to the gym, they want to be able to read a book, watch the news, relax their mind, or go through the motions of fitness. The don't want to push hard because, is uncomfortable. If you think about it, in most circumstances the one who can take the most discomfort will win most situations. So while you are at BCF, you aren't just improving your physical prowess. You are also improving your mental prowess. You will be able to take more discomfort, you will be able to last longer, you will be able to go that mush further than you would have before. Dont just "exercise". Be one that "works out". Push your body and push your mind. You will see improvements in ALL aspects of your life. Give it a try! --Bill Grundler

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