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October 16, 2012

10/16 WOD: Working with an injury?

[caption id="attachment_4410" align="alignnone" width="531"] Hooded zip sweatshirts are in and for sale. $35.[/caption]"Ouch, I'm hurt. So now I need to cease all activity until my finger/wrist/shoulder/knee/elbow/etc is better".We are all athletes here at the BCF. You are paying for the best workouts around and the best coaching around. But just because you aren't at your best doesn't mean that you should just go back to jogging. Yes, this will mean you may be doing something different than the rest of the group. However, you can still get an amazing workout. Lighten the load, up the reps at a lighter load, etc. to make it so you are getting a more taxing workout. If you need to use a rack to do squats while the rest of the group is doing hang squat cleans, no problem. If you can't do push-ups because you hurt your shoulder then you can go to knee push ups, or we can take you off of push-ups and do sit ups, or even toes to bar. Hopefully you are getting what I'm saying. Our workouts are infinitely scalable. Don't let yourself sit out for a month because you think that no movement is good. But this doesn't mean that if you just hurt something you need don't need to give a day or two; that is fine of course. I'm talking weeks later. Be smart about it. Talk to the trainer about it. We will get you through it!!Strength: 15 min to est. 1RM Front Squat + push jerk.WOD: 4 rounds for total reps of the 4 minute dual effort of:2 minute AMRAP of:20 jumping alt. lunges (10 ea leg)10 HR Pushups10 Pullupsthen...2 minutes to complete:1 ME UB Set of Front Squats @ 70%Notes: FS are based off of 1RM FS from above. The athlete may begin the ME/UB set at any point in the 2 minutes. It's taken from the floor, not a rack. If the set only takes 30 seconds, then the rest of the 2 minutes is rest. The set is over when the BB returns to the floor.CF Football:SWOD: 3x5 SquatDWOD: 8 rounds (rest :60 between)*3 HPC (heavy as possible)*6 jump & touch (24" above reach !!!)*25 yard sprint[learn_more caption="NEWS"]**Coach Gattone is coming back to BCF to teach us the Clean & Jerk. Learn from an International USAW Olympic Coach! Details here.**Halloween Party/Social WOD, Friday, Oct 19th! Details are here! Costume is required. +1 is welcome.**BCF In-House Fall Throwdown is ON! YOU MUST SIGN UP BY TOMORROW!!! (17th)! here!**Please take a moment to fill out your BCF Athlete Profile. Here’s the form.[/learn_more]

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