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November 11, 2011

11/12 WOD: Badger "Moon" - and Remembering Daren

I’m so glad that woman are starting to question the status quo. The quo that states females are only allowed to lift 5 pounds at a time. That bone skinny is not sexy. That a size 2 is relative to IQ rather than body composition.CrossFit girls are strong, sexy and everything in between. They’re not afraid to to try something new. They understand that strength is paramount. Everything else just comes naturally. It’s ironic that when females chase strength they find beauty. Get’em girls.Badger “Moon”Seven rounds for time of:1 pood kb snatch, 10 reps - Right arm15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent1 pood kb snatch, 10 reps - Left arm15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascentAnyone who signed up for the CrossFit Lake Country WOD will be doing "Daren"

2 rounds800 meter run20 clean and jerk @ M135#/W95#20 Box Jumps 30"11 Deadlifts @ M315#/W225#

If you look at the rep scheme it is 2, 20, 20,11 which is for February 20th, 2011 the date Daren was killed. This is the exact workout that has been submitted to CrossFit HQ by Daren's brothers and is awaiting final approval as the official "Daren" Hero WOD.

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