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November 15, 2013

11/15 "Friday"

Strength: 3x3 snatches + OS@80% of 1RM(complete 3 snatches, then- without dropping the bar-complete 3 OH @80% of 1RM Snatchmplete 3 Snatches, then – without dropping the bar – complete 3 OHS) – rest 2:00Beginners: Work to heavy triple of Hang PS or OH Squat.WOD: 3 Rounds:40 Double-Unders (80 singles)10 Overhead Squats 95/65#-then-3 Rounds:40 double-unders10 Power Snatch 95/65#-then-3 Rounds:40 double-unders10 Hang Clean Thrusters 95/65#[learn_more caption="NEWS"]Social eventJoin us for a CrossFit night at the Bradley Center on Saturday, November 30th for "Burpees and Bucks." The Bucks play the Boston Celtics. Tip off is at 8:00. The half time performance will feature a CrossFit WOD performed by members from 12 local affiliates. Including 2 or 3 from our own gym on the court! Follow this link and use the promo code "CROSSFIT" to purchase your discounted tickets to the game: for fliers at the gym for more details. Here is the official Facebook event link:'ll have some sort of after-party as well.GRASS-FED BEEFIf you are interested in large shares of beef, please see the following from Kory, owner of CrossFit Farmland in Waunakee, WI. He is a farmer by day, coach by night. Contact him for details: Email: Phone: 608-669-5737PALEO FOOD!Badger CrossFit is a drop-off point for the Urban Caveman Food Truck's Fresh Packs! Please visit for all your information on these ready to eat paleo meals! Then pick them up conveniently at BCF!RETAIL PURCHASESDue to some missing retail products, we have decided to eliminate the honor system retail sheet for purchasing of food, supplements, clothes, shoes, tape, jump ropes, etc. etc. etc.... You will now be required to buy the retail item on our Zenplanner retail site (link below). If you purchased the product, you must have a CC on file that is not expired, etc. Once we process your order, you can pick it up in the cabinet that we will label clearly with your name.We are sorry for this unfortunate new policy, and we will revisit this later if necessary. We want this to be fair for everyone and we thought this would be easiest as well.Please be patient as we are updating our online store with new items and it may take a few days!THANKSGIVINGWe plan to have the annual TDay crazy workout. This year, it will again be "Clovis" - 10 mile run, 150 burpee pullups, for time. It takes about 2 hours so if you want in, please sign up for the class on calendar. Black Friday and Saturday will be limited in hours as well so stay tuned to the schedule as always.CHRISTMAS PARTY!Stay tuned to the 3rd annual BCF Christmas Party. We have almost 100 people last year! We expect even MORE this year. Stay tuned for another email/info about this event. It will be amazing as always.COMPETITIONSCongrats to all our amazing athletes who participated in many local competitions and some out of state. We have been VERY successful at these events because of our amazing coaches, hard work, programming, and motivation of community. We have something amazing going on here we we are so glad you are all a part of it in some way. Some recent feats:--Badger CrossFit took 3rd out of 165 teams in the Reebok Spartan Race at Miller Park!--Coach Tyler placed 3rd, Damien T 7th, and Ty K 22nd overall out of over 3500+ athletes. Not to mention everyone else's standings for just having fun! Amazing work!--Badger CrossFit's David V took 1st and John H 2nd at CrossFit 100's local competition a few weeks ago! Jenny V took 1st, Sara S took 2nd! Incredible job!--Badger CrossFit's swept the podium at the Midwest Classic in Illinois this past weekend. Sara S took 1st, Cari C took 2nd, Jenny V took 3rd! Amazing work ladies!If you leave a pool of sweat, there is a mop and bucket. Use it. It's not only for coaches.Final note, when you touch it, you must clean it. If you use it, put it away (cups, tape, boxes, rings, etc). The more that the coaches have to clean up, the more it takes away from coaching. Also, be sure to be cleaning everything that’s metal with the vinegar, which are in the yellow bottles and are clearly labeled. Any other items, like ab mats, foam rollers, GHDs, rowers, etc. should be cleaned with bleach, which are in the blue and red bottles and clearly labeled.[/learn_more]

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