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November 20, 2013

11/21 "Thursday"

We want to be a gym that is always stressing form before weight. This is so necessary in both the strength portion and the WOD portion. The way that you lift or don’t lift in the strength portion will carry over to those same lifts in the WODs, except in a greater, potentially more damaging way. The WODs especially flesh out weaknesses in lifts as you get tired and have the tendency to lose form.However, once you have begun to master the lifts, the work doesn’t stop there. Another huge part of making strength gains is mindset. We as human beings, no matter where we’re at, have crazy strength and performance potential.Our mindset becomes especially important when we’re working at maximal loads. "It doesn’t matter who you are, if you aren’t hyped, focused, and even a little nervous beforehand, successful lifts will be few and far between."Here are some things you can do to get you hyped."First of all, you actually need to care about the lift you are going to perform. If not, no trick or routine in the world is going to help you overcome your physical limitations. Scream – Nothing gets the body and mind going like a loud scream. Don’t worry, our box is loud-scream approved; you won’t be bothering anyone. Heck, it’s almost expected of you!Foot Stomp – One the more inconspicuous methods and probably the easiest, a double foot stomp sends a jolt of energy throughout the body.Chest Hit – Banging on the chest will definitely wake you up. And, depending on how hard you actually hit yourself, it might even make you a bit angry. An angry you will definitely try harder than a casual you (Note: This may be better suited for the gentlemen of BCF).Head/face slap – Wake up! I’ve tried this a couple of times, and it works.Talk to yourself – A time-honored classic. Positive self-talk can never hurt. The box might also be the only place you can be seen talking to yourself and still thought to be perfectly normal.Get Angry – The bar doesn’t want you to succeed. It’s your enemy and it keeps you from your goals. Pretend it’s an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, a former boss, a politian, or your most hated pet-peeve.Isolate yourself – Stop talking. No, don’t be a debbie downer, but also don’t lose sight of what you’re about to do. Walk around, maybe comment on somebody else’s lift, sit down somewhere, but always keep your mind on the task at hand. Fun and games can come later.Get Away – Take a step outside. Walk around a bit a get some fresh air. Envision a successful lift (Note: screaming, foot stomping, and chest hitting may also take place while outside). Don’t come back until you’re ready to give your best.You might also be thinking that mental focus, as I’m describing it, seems to sound eerily similar to “acting crazy”. You’re definitely not wrong. Perhaps that’s why so many people are afraid to “focus” when lifting. Are you afraid of looking stupid? I assure you, all of us are already a little crazy for putting our bodies through CrossFit. You can’t be afraid to let that craziness out every now and then. Besides, your personal growth is far more important than how someone at the gym might look at you."*Strength: 15 min to establish a 5RM back squat (5-5-5-5-5)WOD: 4 rounds, EACH for time of:500m row @ 100%15 Bwt Bench Press

*From Mannion)

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