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November 27, 2011

11/27: Open Gym! Attacking weaknesses

Today was our first "open gym" of sorts. I had some work to do at the gym and invited anyone who wanted to work on things to come out, try a WOD, do some weightlifting, skill work, etc. I saw lots of people working on things they always wanted to have time for, but just don't during the regular classes, which is understandable. I might be doing this more often so stay tuned... Good showing today!The below is courtesy of Bill Grundler:How do you attack your weaknesses? First, you need to know what they are. Sometimes there is alot that you need to fix, so the best option is to prioritize them. It may not be the best choice to go for the "muscle-up" first. Maybe you are needing some strength first or you need to work on a better pull-up. Muscle-ups don't come around all the time but we do do a bunch of weightlifting. Are your hips opening up all the way? Is your squat set up right? There are so many possibilities. Be smart about it. Fix the biggest issues first. Dont get frustrated. Fixing these things can take time. But when you fix it you will see instant and huge gains in your performance. Ask your coaches for help if you cant figure out which on to do first.

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