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November 29, 2011

11/29 WOD: Grip destroyer

Just want to let you all know, starting next week, our MORNING class times are going to be moved back 15 minutes. Yes, instead of getting up at 5AM, it's now 4:45AM. But it's only 15 minutes and you're CrossFitters. Hit the hay a bit earlier! PM classes will remain the same, except with the addition of the 4:30 led by Justin. Continually watch the schedule for updates.Next, I need you all to let me know if you are going Saturday to the "MEAT and Greet" at CrossFit Greendale - 10:30 AM til 1PM or so. Food, beer, WODs, and other CrossFitters mingling from around the city and elsewhere. We hope you can join us - we will be meeting at BCF gym at 10AM (after all the classes, which are all the same times) and will drive down together and leaving at 10:10 precisely. Be sure to wear your BCF clothing/gear to represent. Comment below or on our Facebook page. Or let me know via email or phone.Lastly, our ELEMENTS COURSE starts December 5th. We have a couple spots left! If you know someone, please let them know about this.Warm-Up: 20-dead-lifts, 15-sumo high pull dead-lifts, 10-hang power snatches, 5-chest to bar pull-ups.Strength: Shoulder Press 1) 3 x 70%, 2) 3 x 80%, 3) 3+ x 90%WOD: 21-15-9 of Kettlebell swings and pull-ups.RX: 70/55, L-2: 50/35, L-1: 30/25

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