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November 30, 2011

11/30 WOD: Burps, Balls, Jumps.

Sorry for the lack of photos this past month. My two cameras are broke (expect the unexpected right?!?!) and I'm looking to get a new camera soon! Once I do, expect to see more videos and higher quality pictures. Until then, enjoy not seeing your mug up here. Kidding...Our Elements Course is almost full. If you are interested PLEASE SIGN UP NOW. Classes start December 5th. Please see our schedule for times.We want you to be a part of this fitness revolution here in Wauwatosa/MKE. Let's work hard, enjoy our lives, and make sure we're prepared for the unknown. If you have questions or concerns, please let me know. You all have my # or email so don't hesitate.Warm-Up: 20-snatch dead-lifts, 15-hang power snatches, 10-hang snatches, 5-snatches.Strength: Clean1) 3 x 70%, 2) 3 x 80%, 3) 3+ x 90%WOD: AMRAP in 17:00 of 7-burpees, 14-wall balls, 21-Double Unders.Recovery: 2:00 deep squat hold, 1:00 plank hold, Samson

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