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December 10, 2011

12/10 WOD: Ugly Fran-wich

BBBBRRRRRRRRR IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!!!!!! So does that mean that you should just sit at home with a cup of hot chocolate by the fire place and watch a movie? NO!!!! Well I take that it AFTER you workout for 1 hour with us! But seriously, it is really chilly outside and you guys need to make sure you are wearing the appropriate clothing to keep yourself warm and allow those muscles to be soft and pliable. Please wear your tights or sweats, long sleeves, light jackets, fleece, hats, and gloves even to keep yourself warm so that you are still able to break a light sweat during your warm-up. Layer your clothing so that you can take something off right before you start the workout and then more pieces to take of during the workout as you heat up. BE SMART ABOUT YOUR TRAINING!! Don't make it so that your trainer has to have you running around and doing all these extra things to get warm. Come prepared!!! We will be outside this week.WOD: 21-15-9 ofSumo DLPullupsThrustersBurpeesRx: 95/65#

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