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December 15, 2012

12/14 WOD: 5K Row

Yes, I heard the grumbles today when I wrote this WOD on the board this morning. Why? It just doesn't seem "CrossFit" enough to be a WOD!? Let me explain...CrossFit's goal and my goal for you is to create fitness across all broad time and modal domains. That means we must have our level of fitness to work across all times (1 min all the way up to 1+ hour). Also, to work across all modal domains (lift hundreds of pounds, run marathons, etc). We need to excel at ALL tasks given before us. A 5K row or run is no exception. In today's case, one modality (a monostructrual type activity called rowing) is the test. It's the same as if we ran 5K, or if we did double-unders for 20 minutes, etc. Yeah I know, it's not as creatively spicey as the WODs we do daily, but it's nevertheless important.Are you interested in joining our New Years Day Polar Plunge!?! Details here![learn_more caption="Do YOU want grass-fed beef"]Steve from VDL is coming on the 22nd at 7am to drop off shares. Here’s the rundown:The Short version of what I do is this:I produce Grass Fed Beef in Northern Wisconsin and make deliveries to Chicago and Minneapolis/Saint Paul. I also procure grass fed beef animals from other farmers in my area and harvest them as well. You can see photos of my and the other farms that I use on my facebook page at VDL GrassFed. I also have a website at None of the animals I harvest is fed anything but grass and hay. No corn, grains, antibiotics, hormones, etc. None is raised in a feedlot setting, only pasture and all live outside all year around though most can get out of the weather if they want.

The short version of my product is:Mixed shares: 10-15 lbs, consist of 6 lbs of hamburger, about 3.5 lbs of steak and about 3.5 lbs of roast. Price is 5.80 per pound. Overall price per share varies because the size of the shares vary.Hamburger shares: 10-12 lbs, consist of 10-12 ‘one pound’ packages of hamburger. Each package weighs a bit more than a pound. Price is 5.30 per pound.

SIGN UP YOUR NAME AND SHARE OF WHAT YOU WANT HERE![/learn_more]Strength: Every 30 seconds for 7 minutes (14 total reps):1 Hang Snatch (full squat) + 1 OH Squat @ 70%WOD: Row 5000m for time.[fbphotos id=420142134725120 limit=10 rand=1]

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