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December 19, 2012

12/19 WOD: Max reps

What do you believe in? Many people say that they believe in this or that, but are they really honestly believing in it or just talking the talk. Belief is something that is true, honest and felt all through you. Its something that even though if it seems like it wont work, you KNOW that it will. We stress many things in the box. Lifestyle, workout, movement, nutrition, work time, rest time, etc. We BELIEVE that the things we say to do will give you the best, most functional fitness for your life. We BELIEVE in constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity. We BELIEVE in moving large loads long distances quickly. We BELIEVE in eating the way we were genetically designed to eat. We live this and our members who have followed this have had DRAMATIC changes in their lives! Do you BELIEVE ? When the going gets tough, do you focus on what you believe in to keep going? Is it your truth? If you BELIEVE in this, then there isn't even a question. You will achieve that gift of functional fitness and that healthy, active life you want. Enjoy the life you get! BELIEVE!!Strength: Back Squat: 1X5 @ 75%, 1X3 @ 80%, 1X3 @ 85%, 3X1 @ 90% – rest 2:00 (*1RM)WOD: Max burpees in 4 minutes, Rest :60,Max thrusters (95/65) in 3 minutes, Rest :60Max deadlifts (275/185) in 2 minutes, Rest :60,Max row for meters in 1 minute**Score is total reps on everything.[learn_more caption="NEWS"]NOTE: I need everyone to ensure their contact information, email addresses, phone #s, etc. are all up to date and correct in our online system. Also, if you have a CC# on file you don’t use anymore, please remove. Ensure everything is proper before the new year as we’re going to be making some changes to things and I want this info to be right. Thank you for your cooperation! LOGIN HERE:**New bootcamp/TRX class on Saturday at 7am! Sign up here!**Want to stay updated with BCF? Join the BCF Text Message System to be alerted to last minute updates, changes, news, etc. via text message. It’s free for you (unless you pay per text?…). Just text 414-751-8966 the word bcf2 and you’re in. Follow the directions.**Please take a moment to fill out your BCF Athlete Profile. Here’s the form[/learn_more]

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