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February 8, 2012

2/7 WOD: Snatch 'r roo!

For those that I haven't told, is THE SOURCE for mobility issues. Working on your aches and pains is important, as it gives you the opportunity to fix these little issues before they may become bigger issues. Please, check out every day for ideas on what to stretch; but I'll also be posting his videos every now and then to assist you. You can use K-Star's site to search for certain ailments, pains, etc. and then use the mobility techniques to loose up those specific muscles, tendons, etc. to alleviate pains and hedge your future issues.www.mobilitywod.comWarm-Up: 20-snatch grip dead-lifts, 15-hand power snatch, 10-shoulder press.Strength: Shoulder Press 1) 5 x 40%, 2) 5 x 50%, 3) 5 x 60%.WOD: 10 rounds of 7-95/65lb power snatches 7-burpees, 1 sprint to State St. and back.L-2: 75% 1RM snatch. L-1: 55/35Games Athletes: bar facing burpeesRecovery: 20-slow ghd layback sit-ups, 20-ghd back extensions.

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