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February 8, 2012

2/8 WOD: CrossFit Total

Everyone needs to make it today if possible! This is a crucial benchmark that allows you to really gauge your strength gains! It will be coming up again routinely.

Warm-Up: 20-dead-lifts, 20-shoulder press, 20-back squats.WOD: CrossFit Total, Max Dead-lift, Shoulder Press, Back Squat.You will get three attempts only to at each lift. Excluding warm-ups.You will need to choose your starting weight, if you fail a lift you may choose to increase weight but you are not allowed to decrease so choose wisely.Standards of movement:Dead-lift: Any grip and leg postition can be used. Bar must remain in motion throughout the lift. Bar must remain at the top postion until judge clears the decent. Leg hitching is not allowed and will be considered a no lift.Shoulder Press: Feet must remain flat and have no secondary side movements as a result of the lift. Elbows must lock in unison and remain locked until judge calls clears the decent. Any movement of the feet, bending of the legs, or popping of the arms will be considered a no lift.Back Squat: Bar can be in the high bar or low bar placement. Hips must pass below knee-line and be open and upright at the to of the lift. Should hips stop above or at parrell this will be considered a not lift. Should spotter touch lifter or bar for any reason this will be considered a no lift.Recovery: Total body stretch.

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