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February 8, 2012

2012 CrossFit Games at Badger CrossFit

First off, thanks to everyone that has signed up for the CrossFit Games Open already. I know we have more members than who signed up, so get on it guys!! It's for fun, and only $20. It's going to be a great time for all involved, regardless of the outcome. As you know, getting better both as an athlete and a person is what we strive to give you at BCF. In life, we must push ourselves outside the comfort zone to reach our goals. The Open Sectionals give us this chance to be uncomfortable, but also gives us an idea where we stand with others in the world. Continuing to improve yourself should be your goal - it's also my goal for you. Use this as a test to see how you're doing!Last year, I had a great time competing as it really showed where I am weak and what I need to improve. Some of you may even be able to get to Regionals as well, but that really is not the point in this. It's to test yourself, to push yourself beyond known limits, and to enjoy getting better!So, the details on the event -- we are planning to to run a Saturday class from 10-Noon or so (maybe to 11AM if we get it all done). You will/should make this your workout for the day. The Open runs for 5 weeks, and you have a full week to complete and submit your workout and have us approve your times, weights, reps, etc. If you CANNOT make Saturday's, no need to fret as we can make the Open workout for that week one of your WODs for the day (say a Tues or a Friday, etc.). Everyone should be able to do the Open as CrossFit HQ makes it attainable for mostly everyone.After the throwdown, we plan to have lunch/BBQ, hang out, potlucks, beer, etc. We're going to make this a good time for everyone, every week! But we need you all to sign up soon! We need a minimum of 10 athletes to make this happen - otherwise we'll have to do individual judging each time, which is not as much fun, believe me! It starts Feb 22nd (first WOD is released).http://games.crossfit.comUse the link above and select Badger CrossFit as your affiliate. Let me know if you have any questions.

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