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February 26, 2018

2018 Affiliate Cup Week 2 Challenge & Theme

18.2 - Mannequin Challenge

In week 2’s challenge, we get to become the frozen headless wardrobe wearers! Here’s the catch… we must be a “mannequin” in a “functional movement” position. Squat, deadlift, carry, press, push, pull, you name it! Remember the mannequin challenge back in 2016? Well, same thing here, but by yourself. Your task: to record a short 10 second video showing you doing this “frozen” movement while things, objects, or random events happen around you. There must be background activities happening. Be safe please!Suggestions: restaurant, mall, library, store, gas station, grocery store, coffee shop, zoo, etc.WEEK 2 INSTRUCTIONS:Please post your video to your social media channels (Facebook/Instagram), make it “PUBLIC” so we can see it, and tag @BadgerCrossFit and #BadgerCrossFit #AffiliateCup #InTheOpen #YourteamNameComplete the challenge before Friday at 6:30 pm.

Week 2's Theme:

Beach theme! Dress and attire, and act like you're going to the beach! Sunny/Hot in Wisco in March!

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