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March 25, 2012

3/25: What keeps you going?

"What keeps you going? When things get really hard, how do you get through it? Is it a spiritual thing? Is it the thought of a family member? Are you trying to make up for something in your past? Do you just empty you head and turn mechanical? Or do you think of little goals and try to get to those goals. There are an infinite number of ways and since we are all individuals, you will need to find yours. This drive, this thought, this technique can be used in every and any tough spot of your life. When you feel like you are done, bring this thought to your head. When you are to tired, bring this thought up. When you are feeling like you cant do anymore, bring it up. Don't discount the power of this thought. It WILL bring you through ANY tough time or tough spot. Hold on to it."

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