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March 11, 2012

3/9 WOD: More runs...

Strength: Weighted pushups 3x5 (use plates, people, etc. for weight)WOD: Three rounds of 10-hand release pushups, 20-squat cleans, 600m run.L3: 95/65, L2: 75% 1RM, L-1: 55/35, stinkbugs.Come to our pull-up clinic on Tuesday at 630pm. It will take only 15 minutes or so. Get the info, learn the program you’re going to implement (use it in your BCF warmup), and FINALLY get those strict pull-ups. RSVP here or let me know!!! Otherwise, just show up!Badger CrossFit SOCIAL WOD: View details here.Running Clinic coming to BCF! Open to the public. Details here...

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