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April 13, 2013

4/12 "progress"

Some tenants on making progress from againfaster.com1.) Virtuosity: Do every rep correctly, every time. Virtuosity is the pursuit of perfection. Become a stickler for form, and you will reap the benefits of Crossfit extremely quickly.2.) Consistency: Get out of bed. Go to the gym. Get in the habit of showing up.3.) Intensity: Strive to minimize the amount of time you spend resting in the middle of each workout. The less you rest, the stronger you'll become. Your workout times will plummet, and your health will skyrocket. Go hard!Read the whole article here…>Strength: Every 20 sec for 4 minutes: 1 snatch @ 75%Rest 2 minutesEvery 45 sec for 6 minutes: 1 snatch@85%WOD 30 burpees60 double unders5 split jerks (135/95)30 pullups10 split jerks30 pullups5 split jerks60 double unders

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