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April 15, 2014

4/16 "Wednesday"

Wednesday's Movements:Strength: Clean and JerkWOD: Power Snatch, Burpee Box JumpsNews:-There's been 2 open gym times added to calendar! Come in to make up bench mark WODS or 1RMS! Times/details are posted on the calendar!-Please take home any of your items in the lost and found! We'll be bringing them to Goodwill this week!If you didn't see Coach Troy's video post on the Facebook Page, check it out below. Great video and article put out by CrossFit HQ on rowing! video covers a lot and they touch on some great things, but here's some additional insight from our in-gym rowing expert, Ryan Groth:"Many new rowers will attempt to open the legs, i.e., flare the knees outward, to try to achieve deeper compression at the beginning of each stroke, but this action will bring the knees out of alignment with the ankles and can cause injury with application of force or repetition. As you reach forward for the catch, your shins should be essentially vertical and aligned with your feet. Some people also rush the return, which when not properly timed with breath will (still inhaling for example) will cause some "knee push out" as well." - It seems that knees outside arms could cause some some improper loading and stress on the knee, since the ankle is bound. It is also a lot of wasted perpendicular movement which makes me think any potential gain would be impractical for anything other than a very short sprint or tabata type work. For your initial pull, you want to keep knees in line with feet, like you are doing a clean, and the hands a bit wider. -Make sure that you keep that back straight and chest high! In general, any rounding of the back is bad, and also restricts breathing on the return. With some high level rowers, you may see a slight back round to get closer on the catch in order to make for a longer pull, but this is not advisable!

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