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April 19, 2013


A note from Coach Tyler"Becoming proud of who you are is a tough thing to do. It's easy when we win something or when we do something that we have wanted to do. But it's tough when we're under pressure, in a WOD, etc. Take all the other "stuff" out of the equation and look solely at yourself in the mirror. Be honest and realistic about what you see. Are there things that need to be fixed? Sure there are. Are there things you can do better? Absolutely. Are there improvements to be made? Of course. Everyone has things that need to be fixed. But the only person that can do these things is you. Dont let your pride or your ego stop you from being better than you were yesterday. Every time you take a step at bettering yourself, you should be proud. Because, it's not about winning the race. It's about what you do in the race. Be proud of yourself! You deserve it!"Strength: 7X1 3 Position Cleans+1 Jerk(low to high)-heavy, but perfect, rest 60 seconds.WOD: 30 C2B pullups for time (5 min cap)*Rest 3 minutes, then:800m run for time (all out).*Rest 1 min400m run for time (all out).*Rest 1 min200m run for time (all out).*Rest 3 min30 deadlifts for time (225/155).*5 scores will be recorded. Continuous clock, so record each time you complete.

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