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April 25, 2013

4/24 "Diane"

A note from Coach Tyler"What are you afraid of? Fear is a very powerful feeling and it may make or break many of the things that you do. There are varying degrees of fear; Some times you will simply feel nervous, other times you will be overwhelmingly afraid.Many times, the fear we have is not that something bad will physically happen to us but what people will say about us. We feel that there is pressure to perform at "this level" or "that level".The reality is that we have one goal whenever we do do the very best we can.When we do this, we don't leave any reason to feel bad, to feel like we failed, to feel like we didn't do what we were expected because one cannot expect anything more than one's best.So today, when you are setting up your WOD, dont fear it. Dont worry about other people. Dont worry about the other scores that are out there. Keep your mind on one thing....YOU. Do everything in your power to do the very best you can and then you get to enjoy the day afterwards!"Strength:12 minutes to establish a 1rm Snatch. then 15 minutes to establish a 1rm Deadlift.WOD: "Diane"21-15-9 Deadlifts (225/155) and HSPU.**If time afterward, Tabata Row for max distance.

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