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April 8, 2014

4/9 "Wednesday"

Wednesday's Movements: Gymnastic/skill: L-Sit, Chin over the bar holds, Skin the cat, Double UnderWOD: "DT"-Dead lift, Power Clean, Push JerkAs far as strength and awareness is concerned, the head/neck is up there in one of the most neglected muscle groups. In the CrossFit world, when things start to get heavy or hard, it's common to see athletes straining the neck or bringing the head too far forward in an effort to compensate. There are all sorts of issues that can result from this. Bringing the neck too far forward can put undo stress on the mid-lower back as well as additional strain on the hips. When performing any movement, it's important to be aware of where your head and neck are sitting. Do you look like a crazy ostrich or is your head in a comfortable neutral position? Some common movements where athletes tend to feel the head sneak forward are the push up, the double under, any overhead position with the bar, and heavy squatting. In these positions, or any for that matter, you're going to move better and more efficiently if you keep the neck stacked in with alignment with the rest of your spine!For a more in-depth article on this, check out the CrossFit Journal> also has some great info on what neutral head position looks like and opening up that neglected area>

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