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April 30, 2014

5/1 "Thurs"

Strength: SnatchesWOD: Row, Strict Pull ups, run, S2OH, burpeesA How-To Guide to Better troubleshoot Zen Planner and Communicate with the BCF Staff!**Have you had the need to change some billing information in or system?All of your bill information is accessible through your online zen planner profile. While we’re always willing to help, you can simply sign into zen planner! You can review old bills by clicking "Show Bills and payments" or you can add an additional or new card by clicking "pay my bills", and then "add another account". You are however, unable to delete old cards. We have to do that from our end. Reach out if you need an old, compromised, or expired card/account deleted.If you have any questions about some of the new features with your profile, feel free to stop into the office or shoot us an email at to get all of your questions answered.Is your profile photo current? You can update your photo by logging into your zen planner account and clicking the small blue square tab on the right hand side of the page. Zen planner will then prompt you to upload a photo! We want our staff and coaches to know who you are and this helps us out!Do you receive our email updates and information for members?Each month, we send out anywhere between 2-5 emails to all of our members, letting them know about upcoming special events and important schedule changes. We want to ensure you are getting all of these emails! If you haven't been receiving these, please make sure your email address is updated in zen planner or check your spam! Let us know if you haven't been receiving these emails from us!Are you a member of our Facebook Group?Did you know that BCF has a private Facebook Group, dedicated to just our in-gym members? If you’re on Facebook, send an email to and we'll get you added! This group differs from our public Facebook page in that it is a closed community reserved only for members. This group is a great place for idea sharing, stories, and upcoming event reminders.Trouble-shooting the check-in system.If the zen planner log-in screen at the gym is down, please write down your name in the check-in binder underneath the laptop. You can also write in your name if you're uncertain that the system registered you. If you're going to miss a class please call or email us so that we know you won't be coming. Remember at the end of each month, we asses a $1 fee to your account for every missed RSVP'd or for every attended class without RSVPing!**idea from crossfit invictus

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