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May 10, 2013


Strength:7x3 banded Deadlift @ 60% + 20% band (small for < 200# on bar, medium if > 200# on bar)WOD:AMRAP 12 of 7 dumbell hang cleans (50/35), 7 HSPU[learn_more caption="NEWS"]Congrats to coach tyler who recently received his CF Kids certification! Look out for cross fit kids, coming soon.Memorial Day “Murph” event page. Please register on our page and then consider making a donation to MDMFundraiser (link in page). Coach Troy is needing to know #s expected for this event as well: anyone is interested, Amanda Smith and Lisa Vander Bloomer are teaming up to do the Bravado Challenge at Lapham Peak next Saturday (18th). Registration closes the 15th. Www.bravadochallenge.com3.5 mile trail run, 8 mile bike (road or Mtb-paved), 4 mile paddle.Join!!! For a good causeBadger CrossFit promises to never cheat their members by offering discount services. Our value is earned, & we are passionate about investing in your personal fitness goals. We refuse to discredit our reputation by being part of a race to the bottom. Thanks to all our amazing members for their dedication, attitude and willingness to let us be a very important part of their important lives – their fitness.***Do you have UnitedHealthCare for your health insurance? If so, you may be entitled to fitness center reimbursement. BCF is a registered facility and you could get back $20 every month per person from UHC for attending > 12 times a month![/learn_more]

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