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May 12, 2014

5/12 "Monday"

From Coach Tyler's Blog:

It was fun to be back at Navy Pier. But this time from the stands, spectating. It was my first time not competing in CrossFit in 3 years at the North Central Regional, but it gave me another perspective I have not had in almost 4 years.

2014, for me, is a year of growth, both in my business, family, and my personal goals, which include my own fitness/health, faith, relationships, and emotional state. As much as I enjoy competing, I needed a break. And 2014 is proving to be a good decision.

I enjoyed meeting and catching up with lots of my mentor coaches, some of which are famous in CrossFit, but most because of the people they are. I also talked and laughed with friends of mine through CrossFit, athletes I look up to or have shared the ‘battlefield’ with for 3 years competing in the Games, and engaging with the crowd of people. It’s amazing how far the sport has come and continues to grow and I’m excited to be a part of it in the future, either through coaching others to get to the next stage or doing so myself.

But the one thing that I really had not truly grasped while at a Regional (I think because I just get so in the zone when I compete I miss out on little things) is the community. The people who are there to support the Sport; the athletes, the judges, the volunteers, the staff, media, etc. Awesome.

As I sat watching the workouts and the talented athletes, I thought about their “road to the regionals.” All the hard work, sacrifices, dedication — I did that and knew the toll.

But what I kept coming back to was the people, cheering for their team or athlete from their gym, watching the athletes cheering for others even though they are in direct competition with them – just pure raw emotion and community support going on. It really made me appreciate what we have at BCF. The community. Our community of people whom when together, greatness happens — and it’s because BCF has kind, loyal, honorable, loving, friendly and amazing people in it.

The “road to regionals” may be tons of hard work at the gym or in the kitchen, but the road is long, lonely, and with little meaning without the people who support you on the way to your destination. The community of believers in you, your mission, your goals, your passion…

To all my people, both in my family at home to those who make up all of Badger CrossFit, thank you for being a part of my community. My “road to regionals”.

Until next year…

Monday's Strength: Back Squat, PressWOD: DB snatch, T2B, Thruster

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