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May 15, 2013


A note from Coach Tyler:"One of the main things we hear from people starting with us or CrossFit in general is that they were afraid to try because they hear how hard it is. Yes, it's tough. But it's not impossible. In fact, with the object of any workout program being to improve your fitness, it MUST push your limits. Those limits will be different for everyone but the limits still need to be pushed. Fitness is not found in a cream, a pill, or a supplement drink. With our definition of fitness being "increased work capacity across broad times and modal domains" we now have a goal to shoot for. But the only way you can achieve this is to train in a way that supports this definition. It takes constantly varied movements done at HIGH INTENSITY. This is the part that gets most people. It's uncomfortable to work at high intensity. BUT, once you get used to this then it actually become liberating! Once you get used to pushing yourself hard, then MANY of the other things in life seem to be easy. We know it's tough. We know it's uncomfortable. But we know the benefits that you will get from this. Come and see them with us!"Strength:3X10 Deadlifts @ 70% – rest exactly 2:30WOD:1k row21 pullups, 42 med-ball situps, 2 tire flips15 pullups, 30 med-ball situps, 2 tire flips9 pullups, 18 med-ball situps, 2 tire flips400m run

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