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May 13, 2014

5/14 "Wed"

Strength:Bench PressRing Support HoldWOD:Strict chin-upsWall ballsThe DIY Row WOD from Ryan Groth is:Start with Pick Drill then easy 10 minute warmup row.Then:3 x 7 min with 4 min rest (should be at 85-90%).Set this workout up in your rower using New Workout, Intervals:Time and be sure to record your results++Want a strong core? Back issues? Want better posture? ++Coach Tyler has developed a functional core program! You can do it at home or at BCF. It's 10 days worth and you progress once you can complete the tests successfully. Please email us for a copy of the program, at This is free for members!Member news: Equipment/RX bar order form: game sign-up/head count:“Feedback is the breakfast of Champions.”- Ken BlanchardWe need your feedback!!!We need your feedback to let us know what is going well and what we should improve. Without it, we slow down the mission of creating excellence in all we do.We realize that this feedback “is a gift." If you take the time to give it, we will take the time to implement it.With that said here are some guidelines regarding these surveys:*Surveys are anonymous. We want you to be 100% honest, but constructive. Please give us actionable steps and specific examples/instances if possible. If we are good or bad, tell us why. Please don’t just say “you’re amazing," but do say "you're amazing because I PR'd when I listened to the coach's cue on shrugging."*Another note on anonymity: do not take this as an opportunity to hide behind anonymity and leave abrasive, sarcastic, offensive, or even silly responses please - they won’t ever be seen by our eyes due to a third party filter. They’ll catch and delete it before we see it.*Surveys will be compiled and analyzed by BCF, where we will in turn give the collective feedback to the coaches via 1-on-1 meetings.Here they are, and thank you ahead of time for taking the time to fill these out:General Coaching Survey at BCFCoaches:Coach TylerCoach JustinCoach JarrodCoach AdamCoach RobbCoach KevinCoach TroyCoach BrieCoach EricCoach Christine

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