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May 15, 2012

5/15 WOD: 800m sammy - Memorial Day Murph event

With the temps being higher, the heat index up, etc., when you walk into the gym, we assume you will be hydrated, nourished, and electrolyte balanced. DO NOT come in and try to workout when you haven't taken care of these things. Drink half your body weight in oz of water every day MINIMUM (even MORE when you sweat/WOD), be sure you're eating salt or an electrolyte replacement powder/drink (esp for you strict paleo dieters, salt is often not added to your foods), and eat well balanced meals often. It is imperative you listen and follow through with this.EVENT:"Memorial Day Murph" on Wed. May 23rd! See the schedule for the times. Normal class times are not happening. We are doing larger groups all at once.See event details here.Strength: Dead-lifts 1) 5 x 65%, 2) 5 x 75%, 3) max reps x 85%WOD: 800m run, Seven rounds of 7-165/115lb Front squat, 7-Chest-to-bar pull-ups, 800m run.

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