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May 22, 2013


Strength: 5X3 Tempo Back Squat @ 80% – rest 60 sec. (quick descent, 3 count, bounce and quick back up)Rest :15... ME strict CHIN ups.WOD:5 rounds of 300m run (state St), 14 ring dips, 7 Power Cleans & JerksRX: 135/95 L3: 115/75 L2:95/65 L1: 65/45This weeks news:FYI the Mem Day Murph is filled up. We can only accommodate approx 25 people on the rig. If there are others interested in doing it but you can't sign up, we will have another round. There are also other hero wods that can be done. I will contact everyone who is registered for it to ensure you're still a go.Brewer tickets are in! Section 412 Rows: 16-21. I will be charging you all for these this weekend. $20/ticket unless you are going on the bus ($5 more.). If you want on the bus let Dan Wilde know. If you want to join us but didn't get tickets then buy seats near us. More details to come!Steve’s Paleo Snacks are in stock, Grab and go. Just write down what you grab and the qty on the sheet on clipboard.Tshirts are IN STOCK! 2 colors for men/women. $20 like usual. Tank tops coming soon!ONLY 1 WEEK to go until the Block Melanoma 5K Run/3K Walk at the Zoo NEXT SUNDAY! I know there is a TON on our calendars, but if you are free and want to join Dan Gueldner's team (Team Dave), please go to the following link to register. BCF Endurance team?? ALSO, Dan is hosting a paleo-friendly cookout at his house immediately after the event for those participating, so come join us!! (free BEER for the non-paleo peeps too) excuses? Check out this guy.

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