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May 28, 2014

5/29 "Thursday"

Strength: Hang Snatch, Hang CleanWOD: C2B pullups, Handstand pushups, rope climbs, Target burpeesA great testimony from Michael Hubbs, a recent addition to our BCF community! Thanks to all of you, who make this gym the community that it is, for members and visitors alike!"First of all, thank you so much for this opportunity. I love it! I love the motivation and the push. It is something I really needed. Entering Badger, I noticed that most of the members were very friendly and didn’t mind that I was deaf. I noticed that some of the members knew ASL (American sign language) but even those that didn’t still made an effort to talk with me. The members of BCF treat me like family, not only a team, but FAMILY. They made me feel INVOLVED. My words don’t do justice to how I feel.In the speed skating world, there’s a mixed bag of attention, fans, and victories. There is also discouragement, a lack of intentional and meaningful relations, and the presence of those who wish to see me fail.I refuse to quit because skating is my passion. I don’t want to be in it for the money, the attention, the media…Even with nothing, I would still skate. Every morning I will get up and WORK, in spite of those who don’t want me to succeed.Badger CrossFit has got me motivated and has made it easier for me because of the WONDERFUL POSITIVE PEOPLE that make me want to do more and work harder. I love you all ALREADY for that. I’m so appreciative for the wonderful good vibes. Now I see why Reebok recognizes BCF!! Thank you and looking forward to continue with you all!God bless."

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