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May 4, 2014

5/5 "Monday"

"Resilience is a muscle you have to train. The easy stuff doesn't make it stronger. It's the hard stuff that causes it to grow."Monday's Movements:Strength: Squat, Press.WOD: Power Snatch, OHS, Strict Pullups, BurpeeMember News: That’s right, BCF is invading Miller Park again!Day and Time: 2:00pm, June 14th-We’ll meet at BCF around 2:00pm and take a bus over to the stadium. We also ask that each person brings a dish to pass.-This event is open to all BCF athletes and their families.-Tickets will be $20 plus sales tax.-Please make sure to RSVP no later than May 16th. We need to have a firm count to order tickets in time.More details to follow once we have the tickets.ENTER IN TICKET QTY NEEDED HERE:'ll be putting in another order of Stronger Faster Healthier for the month of May. Order here> protein and fish oil are split up by tabs. The "fish oil" tab is found on the bottom of the page. We'll be placing the order by May 10th!

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