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May 5, 2014

5/6 "Tuesday"

Tuesday's Movements:Strength: Muscle ups, Ring Rows, clapping push ups, hollow rocksWOD: run, double unders, thrustersThe Regional workouts have been released and rather than seeing the typically "heavy" weights on the barbell, we're instead seeing high skill gymnastics this year. Movements include muscle-ups, high rep pistols, handstand walking, legless rope climbs, and strict handstand push ups. This is for the elite of the sport. The same way snatching helps with every lift, high skill gymnastics has huge carry over into EVERY movement at the gym, be it kettle bell swings, burpees, or bench press. We all want to get strong and go heavy and for some of you, this is still a big priority. But DON'T forget gymnastics! For general fitness enthusiasts, getting strong paired with gymnastics will develop a well rounded body that is balanced in health and wellness. With our floating group class gymnastic day (Tues or Thur now that we're on the Wendler), we hope to see an increase in attendence, interest and skill of you all in the finer points of basic gymnastics.Don't get discouraged either! Proficiency in gymnastic skills take a LONG time and can be less satisfying on the surface compared to power or olympic lifting, where the numbers echo progress. Progress in gymnastics is less evident but you won't regret the work you put in. Even, if, it appears tedious. Remember the fitness pyramid? We need a strong base in order to get to the top. Focus from the bottom up, and you will be a great athlete in whatever you do.Member News:**BCF Equipment Order! Get your RxBars, RxJump Ropes, and Foam roller orders in asap! We will make an order by end of this week! Click link below:**Take a look at Coach Tyler's 10 Day Functional Core program:**Let us know if you're planning on going to regionals in Chicago! Fill out your info here. This to help get a head count so that both you and us can coordinate and plan accordingly!>

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