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May 9, 2012

5/9 WOD: "The Chief" -- Goals or Journey?

"What is more important: the goal or the journey? Of course everyone wants to win or achieve the goal. If these things came easy then they really wouldn't be that important. Id like to offer the thought of the journey being more important. Why? This is the part that defines you. How much did you really put into reaching your goal? It takes you honestly looking at yourself and assessing what you need to do to make your self better or get closer to the goal. If you don't really do this, then you aren't adjusting what you need to get yourself closer to the goal. During this journey time, you will have ups and downs, you will have schedule conflicts, you will have to deal with more than one thing at a time. How you handle all of this is what is preparing you for the competition day. The competition day is the easy part. Sure the nerves get going and you want to win but if you have prepared the way you needed to then you will be able to give the BEST showing possible. If this means you win, then AWESOME!!!! If this means you dont, then it still isnt any less awesome! It just means someone else was a bit better than you. But you cant fault yourself for giving the best performance you can do. 100% is 100%. So when that day comes up, enjoy it! Empty the tank on the field and let yourself do what you have been training to do!!!! " -CF InfernoYou are all making huge progress in your journey. You'll constantly hear me or another coach say "tighten that back!" or "stay on the heels!" You name it, we will say it. This is only to help you. Not everyone will be perfect from the start and you'll always be a work in progress. But we as coaches and trainers expect perfection out of movement. Our standard is perfection because it's the only true, efficient, safe way to move. So remember that we still want you to be sound in your movement. Perfection is tough, but that's why it's a journey.Strength: Snatch – Find new 1RM.WOD: "The Chief" AMRAP 3 min of 3 Power cleans (135/95), 6 pushups, 9 air squats. Rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of 5 times.[fbphotos id=328423880563613]

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