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June 12, 2013

6/12 "mental badger"

This morning, Tyler, our coach, posted the following on facebook; "Today's WOD = gut check. Be ready to be challenged mentally." And right he was. I think we can all agree that today's WOD was yes, "a gut check", as well as "a punch in the face", "a kick in the shin", and many other euphemisms that infer pain. But after lying on the floor for a few minutes and finally feeling your stomach settle back down, did you feel accomplished? Or did you wonder if you could have been more honest with the workout?After the WOD, I began to think about doing a WOD honestly and what that looks like. Especially because with this WOD there were probably many moments when most of us just wanted to be done. When I got home I proceeded to look for articles, videos, etc. and found this entry... hope you can take a read. Doing a WOD with integrity is about having a particular "mindset". After reading this, I realized that, today, there were definite moments when I wasn't the most "integriful" athlete. If I had performed these same movements the way I did today, in a competition setting, a lot of those reps probably would have been "no repped".Do you feel the same? How can we, as a gym, work on holding one another accountable? How can the coaches encourage you to be more honest in the workouts?("easier workouts" isn't an answer;) )How can you, as an individual, continue to grow in integrity, whether it be in life or in workouts?Strength: 1rm thrusterWOD: 100 burpees. 5 thrusters EMOTM (95/65). 25 min cap. Start with thrusters. No dropping of barbell from OH, regardless of weight or set doesn’t count)[learn_more caption="NEWS"]***Do you have UnitedHealthCare for your health insurance? If so, you may be entitled to fitness center reimbursement. BCF is a registered facility and you could get back $20 every month per person from UHC for attending > 12 times a month! plans are now underway. They are building the garage door as we speak, the floor and walls are going to get cleaned and leveled, new lighting is being put in, and the wall will be torn down soon after. They expect to be nearly done in July, weather and other things permitting.We soon will welcome Jarrod and Brie into our regular coaching schedule. They are nearly done with the apprentice program of running regular classes, Elements and specialty classes. We hope you welcome them like you have everyone else as they continually learn the process of being a great coach!CrossFit Kids is coming soon, after or nearly after expansion is done! If you are interested, please contact Tyler with your child's name and age!We welcome Emma Serena as our new summer intern!Our Sunday morning Bradford Beach WODs and Hooverball are coming soon! The up and down weather is messing us up right now! Stay updated on the calendar and Facebook!Our L2 classes will be starting up soon (we will be changing the name to Advanced CrossFit). We plan to have a test out day every month for which you test out to enter this class. It's an advanced class for advanced athletes looking to take their fitness to another level, either as a competitor in the Sport of CrossFit, or just to be better in general. The guidelines are here: to all the families who are celebrating babies and being pregnant! We have a lot of you in the gym right now! It's an exciting time of growing families. If you want more information on Crossfitting while pregnant, please contact a coach!We are continually evaluating the needs of our class times. Be on the lookout for test time slots to see the popularity.As always, please continue to look on our website for updates, along with Facebook. If you are on Facebook, but not in our internal private group, please let Tyler or another member know and we can add you.Want "Voodoo" bands but hate the price? After all, it's just rubber! I'd go with the black or orange ones here: are back in stock!!! Write your name on the sheet if you grab![/learn_more]

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