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June 16, 2014

6/17 "Tuesday"

WOD: Run, Power SnatchesGymnastics Strength: (after conditioning)Negative Chinups, Tuckups, Tempo PushupsTraining in the heat: After a long winter, summer finally seems to be peeking it's head around the corner. Today was markedly hotter than it has been in a while and so we wanted to remind you of some training tips for these steamy temps!***"Heat can put you down for the count, if you don't adhere to some rules. Extreme heat can be debilitating to any athlete, regardless of age or physical background.The majority of athletes who attempt to train as usual inhot weather don’t necessarily end up passing out, but they do end up completely exhausted from a workout that was a piece of cake when the weather was milder.Water, Water, WaterWater is the key. This nutrient, which we all take for granted, is crucial to every function in the body-temperature regulation, nerve-impulse control,metabolism, immune system, eliminative process, and all the rest of the workings of the body.Two misconceptions get people in trouble:1. It takes a large amount of dehydration to bring on negative reactions.2. You can depend on thirst to inform you when you’re at risk. It takes a surprisingly small amount of fluid loss, just one percent, for your body to become dehydrated, and you can’t depend on your thirst to tell you what’s happening.Researchers have found that even a tiny shortage of water disrupts biochemistry of the human body and can limit performance. Water balance is the single most important variable in athletic performance.“But what about Gatorade and those high-energy boosters that have recently flooded the market?”After all, Gatorade is loaded with electrolytes. Yes, and that’s a good thing, but at the same time, it contains sugar, and sugar slows the assimilation process. And those high-energy drinks contain a huge amount of caffeine, which promotes rapid water loss. So no cola or coffee. I typically use coffee to get me kick-started for my cardio and weight workouts, but I have to do without that caffeine jolt when it gets hot.Heat Illness Heat illnesses fall into three categories: heat fatigue, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Heat fatigue sufferers will experience cramps, usually in the legs and abdomen. If these symptoms aren’t dealt with right away and the athlete continues to push himself, the next step is heat exhaustion. This is a more serious response to the heat and results in fatigue, weakness and collapse. An athlete suffering from heat exhaustion may have the following symptoms: normal temperature; pale, clammy skin; profuse sweating; nausea; headache and dizziness.Heat stroke represents the most serious heat illness because it can end in death. Every year, we all read reports of athletes, usually football players, taking part in two-a- days, who died from heat stroke. The symptoms include high body temperature; hot, red and dry skin; rapid, strong pulses; and in most cases unconsciousness.Supplement recommendations:Most important are the minerals. Life itself depends on minerals. There are over 60 trillion cells in your body, and every one needs a wide array of minerals. Every cell is composed of five percent minerals. They are what propel and perpetuate the various metabolic processes as well as provide structure and support for the cells. When they are not supplied in adequate amounts, muscles cannot contract maximally, and there is a general feeling of fatigue. Early warning signs that you’re deficient in minerals include cramps, muscle tremors, lightheadedness and extreme tiredness.The other two water-soluble vitamins are also essential for a solid workout. The Bs help convert the foods you eat and drink into energy, so they are extremely valuable to anyone trying to get stronger. Vitamin C helps recovery and rebuilding. Of course, both do a great deal more than this, but a brief description is sufficient for the purpose of this article.The point: if you want to have a good training session, make sure you take a generous amount of these water-soluble vitamins and minerals throughout your workout— especially the minerals. Take all the minerals together rather than separately because they work together in a synergistic fashion. How many tablets should you take? It depends on how hot it is and how much you sweat, as well as your individual require- ments. Everyone has different needs in this regard. What you must do is listen to your body. It will inform you when you should take a couple more multiple-mineral tablets.Load up on the Bs prior to training, about an hour before the workout. And eat a banana. The fruit will provide you with 400 mgs of potassium, the mineral most responsible for muscle contractions. Also take vitamin C before you lift, while you lift, and after the workout. It will help you recover from the exercises, and the faster you recover from any form of physical exertion, the better.One other supplement that’s very beneficial is a combi- nation of calcium and magnesium. It will help you get to sleep more easily and stay asleep. Sleep problems are common during extremely hot weather, and those cal-mag tablets are a blessing. Be sure to check that the product contains twice as much calcium as magnesium or it will not be as effective.In Closing...If you pay attention to the small things, you can make progress during the brutally hot times of year. Carry lots of water. Robert Voy, the former chief medical officer at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, recommended six ounces of water for every 20 minutes of activity. Take a bit more just in case.Put the bottles of vitamin C and B plus the multiple minerals in your gym bag so you’ll have them if you need them."***from Bill Starr and Crossfit.comRead the full article here: News: Grass Fed Beef Orders:For those of you that have ordered from VDL Grassfed meats in the past, you may have received his email.Either way, Steve is coming June 21st for delivery of meats, eggs, pork, etc. If you would like to order, contact him at for your orders! He's very quick to respond to questions related to pricing or the product.We're ordering wrist wraps! Please record your name and the desired quantity on the below spread sheet, if you'd like to order! These are the wrist wraps that are available for you to try on in the big gym! They are one-size-fits-all, "wrap-around" style, they come in ONE Color Option which is a stylized combination of black, red, and white. They are $20.00/pair. You can still try them on! They are sitting underneath the white board, next to the stereo operator. Check back on the blog for rebook shoes and t-shirts orders for the summer...We'll be putting those out soon! Shoe Orders!These orders need to be in by next week Wed, the 18th! We'll be placing orders for a variety models which are listed here> reviewing, please fill in all information on this spread sheet> Once ordered, these are non-returnable! Also, we will be charging $95 for these shoes and free shipping to you. They will be charged directly to your Zenplanner account once we submit the order.

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