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June 17, 2014

6/18 "Wednesday"

Strength: BenchNegative H.S PushupsWOD: Box JumpRunWall BallsKettle Bell SwingPullUpsBurpees***"The Enemy Mind“The human body is an incredible machine, but most people only get out of that machine what their mind allows them to.” —Rich FroningHere are some thoughts you may have experienced before a competition or a WOD“I can’t wait until this is over. I can’t sleep the night before a competition.”“The countdown: There’s no turning back. These are the most stressful 10 seconds of my day.”“The clock gives me instant anxiety, and it takes me a minute or two to get my focus back.”“This is exciting!”“Let’s do this!”“I love to compete!”Here are some thoughts from Ed Tseng on improving your thought game.1. Thinking About ThoughtsThe mentally fit don’t concern themselves with their thinking.We all have that little voice inside our head that pops up and says, “I can’t do it.” The greatest athletes in the world have that voice, too, but they know it’s normal and part of competition, and they don’t make a big deal of it. The funny thing is that when we don’t pay attention to that interfering voice inside our heads, it doesn’t tend to come around very often. And when it does, it doesn’t stay long.When you wake up from a nightmare and realize it was just a nightmare, do you stress over it? Of course not. It wasn’t real. Well, dreams are thoughts when we’re sleeping, so if we don’t care about them when we’re sleeping, why do we care about them when we’re awake? Thoughts are not reality, but it feels like they are. We get what we focus on.2. Doing What Needs to Be DoneThe mentally fit know the five words that cause most people to fail: “I don’t feel like it.”Kyle Kasperbauer, third overall in the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games, confessed there are many days when he doesn’t feel like training—but he trains anyway. There are times we don’t feel like training, eating clean or washing our workout clothes, but we don’t have to act how we feel.It’s the start that stops most people. If you’re an actor on Broadway and the curtain is going up, you can’t say, “Wait, I’m not in the part yet.”You have to be in the part whether you feel like it or not. CrossFit (and life) is the same way. Great athletes do what they need to do when they need to do it whether they feel like it or not.3. Pay Attention or Disregard?The mentally fit don’t try to control their thoughts.Have you ever been in a funk and tried to use positive thinking? Did it actually work? When we try to control our thinking it makes everything worse. Thoughts change on their own, and they change very quickly. Don’t believe me? Try to remember the last 10 thoughts you had. You can’t do it. That’s how quickly they change. We can’t control which thoughts come into our heads, but we can decide which ones we give attention to and which ones we just let pass without judgment. Thoughts we give attention to can consume us, but those we allow to pass through have no power over us.If I’m in New York City on the subway platform waiting for the C train, can I control whether the A, B or D trains come into the station?No, but I control which train I get on.Our thoughts are the same: we can’t control which ones come into our heads, but we can control which ones we give our attention to and which ones we dismiss.4. Mastering the MindThe mentally fit know that no external factor has any influence over us.I’ve found many CrossFit athletes believe the following can hurt their performance: the clock, competitors who are stronger or more experienced, injury, failure, and teammates’ reactions.The truth is none of those things can affect how you feel. There is only one thing that can affect how you feel: your thoughts.Imagine you are in a low mood and the clock is running down. How do you feel? Probably anxious. So it seems as if the clock is making you feel anxious. But let’s take a different scenario: you are in the zone, your mood is high and you have extreme confidence, and the clock is running down. Do you feel the same way? Not at all. It’s not a big deal to you, and you may even shift into a higher gear.So it’s not the clock that affects how you feel. It’s 100 percent your thinking in the moment that affects how you feel. This is empowering for the athletes I work with. Instead of being prisoners of situations, they are in control because it’s just thinking, and thinking comes from inside you, not outside you.5. Relax Into the ZoneThe mentally fit know the human mind defaults back to clarity and “the zone.”I get texts, Facebook messages, emails and phone calls every week from athletes begging me to show them how to get into the zone. What these athletes don’t realize is that the zone they seek is our true nature, and the only thing that can get in our way is our thinking.I have an 8-month-old daughter, and she is always in the moment. Sure, she gets upset, but she gets over it very quickly. Was she trained to do that? No. It’s natural for her. As we get older, we unfortunately tend to believe our ridiculous thinking, and we scare ourselves. And when we scare ourselves, we are tentative and tight and we act differently.When my daughter begins to start walking and falls over, she will not think, “Damn, I didn’t walk yesterday,” or, “What if I don’t walk tomorrow?”, she'll keep at it. As we get older, many of us get caught up in past failures or future anxiety. When we let our thoughts fall away, we are back in the moment, we feel at ease, and we kick major butt. In other words, the quickest way to get into the zone is to do nothing to get into the zone."***From The CrossFit Journal and Ed TsengMember News: -Please look through the lost and found! There are A LOT of items there! The Lost and Found Basket is located in the member lounge area under the microwave and coffee pot. Please pick up before Thursday! We will be taking the remaining items to GoodWill(...or if they're awesome, adding them to our personal wardrobes)-Please also pick up any food, utensils, chairs, etc. left at the gym from the Brewers social WOD, We will be throwing these items away if they are unclaimed by Thursday.TODAY IS YOUR LAST DAY to order Wrist Wraps AND Rebook Shoes!For wrist wraps...please record your name and the desired quantity on the below spread sheet, if you'd like to order! These are the wrist wraps that are available for you to try on in the big gym! They are one-size-fits-all, "wrap-around" style, they come in ONE Color Option which is a stylized combination of black, red, and white. They are $20.00/pair. You can still try them on! They are sitting underneath the white board, next to the stereo operator. Check back on the blog for rebook shoes and t-shirts orders for the summer...We'll be putting those out soon! Reebok shoes...We are placing orders for a of variety models which are listed here> reviewing, please fill in all information on this spread sheet> Once ordered, these are non-returnable! Also, we will be charging $95 for these shoes and free shipping to you. They will be charged directly to your Zenplanner account once we submit the order.-Summer T-Shirts!!!We decided not to take individual orders for summer T-shirts and we placed a mass order instead! Please refer to the online store for product and quantity updates...these should be in soon!

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