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June 3, 2014

6/4 "Wednesday"

We always hear that people do not want to start working out with us until they are “in shape”. We also hear that people do not want to come and work out if they are injured. There is common sense here, and then there is silly reasons. Should I just not come at all if I have a shoulder issue? NOPE!! We have and continually helped many while they are injured through scaling, modifying and re-writing WODs. Cherry pick all you want when you are laying off this muscle group. There is NO REASON to stop your training. You just need to talk to your coaches, let them know whats up and they will work with you to give you the modifications you need. Be careful not to get stuck in your modifications. You will never be able to repair and move forward if you hold on to your modifications like a security blanket. When its time to move forward, do it. Be patient, be smart. Stay moving and heal on the run! Let's do this!Strength: Bench Press, Parallette Shoot-thrusWOD: Deck squats, Wall Squats, Ball Slams, Box Jumps

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