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June 5, 2012

6/5 WOD: Snatch pull / News

NEWS:*Please fill out our survey! We are wanting to get more feedback from you regarding your experience at BCF! Please take a moment to fill it out, and once it's complete, I will randomly give one person a free tshirt (those at fill out their name). It's anonymous otherwise! But please help us make BCF even better! This is YOUR gym.*If you are injured, constantly sore (in a bad way), have a reoccurring issue (ie shoulder, low back), PLEASE LET A COACH KNOW! If you are 'hiding' this from a coach because it looks 'tough' let me tell you, it is not smart long term. We need to know these things because we can scale your movement, develop a rehab program for you, etc. (we are not PTs, just so you know.). There is no sense in being frustrated with an injury if you aren't doing something about it.*Every Sunday, at around 10AM we are going to be having an informal beach WOD at Bradford Beach. If you are not doing anything these days, come out and get some sun, relax (after the workout of course) and enjoy your Sunday. This will involve minimal equipment (we often use rocks, etc). Please just plan on meeting there! We will meet near the Northpoint Snack Bar parking lot, which is 2400 N Lincoln Memorial Drive.*If you are interested in our CrossFit Football/Power Hour/Oly Lifting classes, please let coach Tyler know to get added to the list. We need a minimum # of people to get it going. We are thinking Tues and Thur nights at 630PM on the other side of the gym, and then Saturday at 7AM (right now - it may change to 10AM) with Oly lifting focus. Coach Troy will be putting it on.*Our 4:30pm class was really busy on Monday. We all did very well in managing the size by breaking it up into heats. But we are always wanting to maintain the quality instruction with a proper athlete to trainer ratio. Just a forethought, but knowing that this may occur again in the future, we plan to implement registering for classes soon to predict these things. Registering for classes will be VERY easy, and can be done for up to a month in advance it looks like. It won't require anything extra other than your login to our portal and clicking on that class for each day and time you want to be there. You technically could register for each time you want to be there for the entire month to 'reserve' that spot. I've avoided this for a long time, but I do want to ensure we don't have crazy amounts of people in the gym. It also helps us predict who will be there, so that if you don't show up, we'll come get you and drag you into the gym! ;) But, fill out the survey so we can hear your thoughts!*CrossFit for Hope is being held at CrossFit Farmland (outside Madison) on Saturday. Performing a brutal WOD to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. This event will start at 9am with heats running until noon. CFF will have a cookout after. There will be a lot of members from other affiliates at this event and it will give us a good chance to get to know others within our CrossFit community. For any of those still wanting to donate, feel free to write a check to St. Jude and one of the coaches or participating community members can send it in (CrossFit Farmland will accumulate all $).Strength: Shoulder PressWOD: Five rounds of 10-pull-ups and 10-power snatchRX: 115 / 85 L-3: 95 / 65, L-2: 55Recovery: ring routine of mature, tuck, L-Sit

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